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Established in 2010, Edicei of America brings books that are of Spiritist and Spiritualist genre. We are committed to following an unwavering principle of excellence and spirituality. Our team is ready to answer the questions many readers might have, after reading these amazing titles, after all, we cannot advance without mutual support and understanding regarding the reality of the immortal soul.
Through our titles, our hope is to shed some light on important topics, such as reincarnation, mediumship, obsession, and the afterlife – all of them essential topics if we are to fully grasp the meaning of who we are and where we are headed.  
Spiritism is the science that studies the nature, the origin, and the destiny of spirits as well as their interaction with the material world.
Titles by Allan Kardec, Francisco Candido Xavier and more, at your fingertips, in English and many other languages!


Edicei of America proudly presents – Our Daily Bread – the Award-Winning Book which offers nourishment for the Spirit
Every year, the Jenkins Group promotes the Annual Illumination Book Awards. The awards are designed to honor and bring increased recognition to the year’s best new titles written and published with a Christian worldview.
The Illumination Awards are intended to celebrate and recognize the exemplary books produced by the ever-growing Christian branch of publishing and bookselling. A vast array of new titles is released from this thriving sector each year, bringing inspiration and answers to millions of readers exploring their faith.
It is no wonder that in 2015, this amazing title won Bronze Medal under the “Christian Thought” category.  
“Our world is filled with anger and selfishness, and people are looking for something to have faith in, something beyond themselves,” says Awards Director Jim Barnes. “The Bible was the first ‘self-help’ book, filled with stories meant to show us how to live together in peace. These awards are dedicated to that spirit, and to books that help answer the simple question: ‘What Would Jesus Do?’”
Inspired by the spirit Emmanuel, Chico Xavier comments on verses from the New Testament, conveying opportunities for spiritual growth that strengthen readers in life’s daily struggles.

Parliament of the World’s Religions

On October 15-19th of 2015, Salt Lake City (Utah) hosted and promoted a compassionate, educative and illuminative event that gathered over 80 different countries and over 50 different faith and spiritual traditions to promote a Global Interfaith Movement.
Edicei of America was sponsored to attend, not only to begin an interfaith dialogue with other leaders around the globe with different beliefs, but also to donate over 4,500 books to the hearts and souls who were interesting on learning more about Spiritism. 
With an exhibition stand, Edicei of America stood with the Togetherness Project; an idea created around “Many Faiths One Hope” where an interfaith dialogue called for religious tolerance and understanding, promoting a compassionate view that, unless there is peace among religions, there can be no peace among nations. 
With videos presented on everyday topics, such as “What is God?”, “Are there angels?”, “When does Life Begin?”, the Togetherness Project traveled the United States of America and Brazil, gathering information on different religious and philosophical views integrating the power of Interfaith and showing that one can cultivate peace on Earth, by cultivating peace with in! 
We were honored to have been part of this amazing event. 

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